Terms and condition

* Personal information about an individual may include the following: * Name, Address, Email, Phone number, Age, Gender * All the datas of customers are protected under 'HHC Pharmacy' and it is secure. * HHC Pharmacy has the right to sell and deliver the products which has been prescribed by the doctor and requested by client. * 1) You can order your medicines 24 hours a day and seven days a week. * 2) Medicines will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.(We will deliver the drugs within an hour, incase of emergency) * 3) Only prescribed medicines will be dispensed at your doorstep. * 4) Psychiatric and narcotic drugs are not available in our pharmacy.(Note: if you can provide your original doctor prescription, then we can deliver those drugs through Hospital's Pharmacy.) * 5) You can consult our doctor /health asiistant/staff nurse and pharmacist for clinical problems. * 6)Medicine once taken cannot be returned * -Refund on refrigerated product cannot be acepted. * 7) Mode of payments: * - Hand cash * - E-sewa * - Bank transfer * - Privacy and policy * -fully regulated * -taking your privacy seriously * 9) Protection of your personal information is also our top concern and it will be protected and kept secured. * 10)written information is available * 11)We are eligible for our services and certified by department of drug administration Biratnagar * * Contact us: * * If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, contact below: * HHC PHARMACY * Nobel gate * Biratnagar, Nepal * contact no-9820756578