Frequently Asked Questions

HHC [Human Health Care] ONLINE PHARMACY helps to solve the availability problems of medicines in eastern parts of Nepal. It offers a complete range of medicines, over the counter and wellness items, including vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, dressing items, pain reliver, beauty care products and more.Its mission is to provide the people of Nepal with convenient and affordable access to their everyday medicines.
We are registered with the DDA [ Department of drugs administration] the independent regulator for pharmacy. Our registered number is **3760830073931/2193**.Pharmacists are certified by the Nepal pharmacy council.
If you are ordering prescription only medication then we would need a prescription before we can dispense the medication
You can contact the Pharmacy Team through the message centre on your account, via email: **hhh.onlinepharmacy@gmail.com** or by phone number:- **9820756578/9820756576/9802792679**
You can order securely online. You can order online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.download our mobile app for android users( **HHC Online Pharmacy**) for more detail visit our web site:**-www.hhcpharmacy.com**